Hinckley Animal Hospital, under the direction of Dr. Jerry Harris, is a full service small animal veterinary hospital serving clients and their pets in Hinckley, Medina, Brunswick, Richfield and the surrounding communities of northeast Ohio since 1979.

We utilize the most up to date equipment and information and we are committed to providing genuine care, comfort and the highest quality medicine and surgery to our patients and clients. We believe in nurturing the human-animal bond and helping your pets live healthier and longer lives. We pledge to provide you with the best professional veterinary care and to treat you and your pet with honesty, respect and dignity at all times.

Our Pledge

We pledge to provide you with the best professional veterinary care and to treat you and your pet with honesty, respect, and dignity at all times. Please learn more about out practice and how we care for your pet by visiting our Hospital Services page.

We welcome new patients. Call us for an appointment and then complete the New Client New Patient or New Patient form.

Our health care team consists of licensed veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, client services staff and a practice manager. They work side by side with Drs. Harris and Skavdahl providing comfort and care to you and your pets. Our team works with you through the entire process of your pet's visit, medical treatment, surgery or hospitalization. We are here to help answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding your pet's health and well-being.

Our registered veterinary technicians are licensed by the state of Ohio and perform certain duties essential to our practice. They perform many of the same duties as registered nurses, however in addition registered veterinary technicians can perform laboratory testing and administer anesthesia and perform therapy laser procedures along with many other duties. Our veterinary technicians and assistants work with our registered veterinary technicians with a mission, to treat you and your pet with honesty, respect and dignity in a caring, friendly and compassionate environment.

Our Client Services representatives are dedicated to make your experiences with the Hinckley Animal Hospital convenient and time efficient including providing information and recommendation of available health care products. They are the friendly voices and faces that represent our hospital.We recognize that your time is valuable and we respect appointment times. We realize in many cases that you may have questions and we want to ensure they are answered before you leave; therefore our appointments are longer than most practices. Keeping to our scheduled appointment times allows us to spend the maximum amount of time with you and your pet. Please be on time for your appointment so you get the benefit of all your allotted time.

Our pet staff will also greet you when you arrive. The pet staff includes our Golden Retriever, Emme, and our cats, Fubar, Penelope and Tripod.


Pet of the Month

As a kitten, this little black guy named Jagger, was the only one left from a litter of six. The pet store assistant suspected that his black color may have made him less desirable, although he, according to her, was the sweetest kitten of the bunch. When we first met, he was making kittiebiscuits in his cage, purring like a little racing engine, and being adorably friendly and outgoing. It was love at first sight. Dr. Jerry neutered Jagger and performed a surgical laser declawing procedure. Jagger healed very quickly from both procedures and was back to playing, purring and running around within a day.

Jagger is now a year old, and has continued to be the loving, purring, and gregarious cat he was as a small kitten. His fangs, which, when he was little, protruded below his upper lip, have now become more proportional, but are still respectably large. He loves little furry glitter balls and can play for hours with a laser pointer light. Some time ago he caught an infection in his left ear, which Dr. Jerry quickly diagnosed and treated with ear drops. Jagger loves visiting Dr. Jerry, as he gets to play with Emme, Dr. Jerry's Golden Retreiver.